Specific load securing in factory traffic

Example application at Julius Blum in Hoechst, Austria

The company Blum in Hoechst, Austria, is an international company that specialises in the production of hinge, lift and pull-out systems for the furniture industry.

For many years, Blum has been transporting goods between its production plants in Vorarlberg, Austria, by system semi-trailers equipped with FAB loading/unloading systems. With such a system, an entire semi-trailer can be loaded or unloaded with Euro pallets in only about 4 minutes. The company works in three shifts and performs 20 to 30 docking operations per system semi-trailer per day.


The task was to use the same system semi-trailer to safely and efficiently transport Euro pallets as well as the smaller in-house Blum pallets. The load securing regulations had to be fully complied with, since public roads are also used for this transporting.


Given the different dimensions of the product carriers, FAB developed a custom load securing system.

The FAB load securing system is installed inside the system semi-trailer and comprises 2 elements:

  • Two pneumatically actuated profiles in the floor
  • Ceiling construction of telescoping aluminium profiles

The pallets for one load are prepared on the stationary conveyor system and then conveyed into the system semi-trailer.

  • Max. 32 Euro pallets in rows of two
  • Max. 30 Euro pallets in rows of three

The profiles in the floor and in the ceiling construction are lowered or lifted depending on the type of pallet. Fastening on the sides and pressure on the pallets from above guarantee the stability of the load.

The pioneering FAB load securing system has been tested, approved and certified by an independent expert.

Salient details

  • Adaptation to different product carriers
  • No sliding of loads
  • Easy handling
  • Fulfilment of highest safety requirements
  • Tested, approved and certified system

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