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So that you can rely on your conveyor system at all times, we provide you with not only the technology, but also a service and maintenance concept adapted to your needs.

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Every conveyor system needs a certain minimum of care and maintenance in order to avoid unscheduled downtimes. We support you in just that. Our experts have many years of experience and know the specifics of the system, down to the last detail.

We recommend concluding a maintenance contract to guarantee your system receives regular service and maintenance. Our trained personnel then inspect your system according to defined maintenance schedules and thereby prevent early wear and downtime. Informative maintenance logs document the status and condition of the system. This lowers susceptibility to malfunction and thereby saves costs.

Safety inspections

Our expert employees duly carry out the legally prescribed inspections of the conveyor systems in compliance with the prevailing accident prevention regulations and DIN VDE 0113/EN60204 (Safety of Machinery – Electrical equipment of machines). An inspection mark documents the faultless condition and indicates the next inspection date.

Remote maintenance

Electronic control systems are at the heart of all conveyor systems and form the basis for process stability. By installing a remote maintenance modem, our technicians can remotely access your system in order to respond quickly if there is any trouble.

Service contract

The best possible service creates the greatest possible reliability. By concluding a service contract, you can reach our service team directly over a telephone hotline. We are then committed to eliminating the faults within an agreed period of time.

Spare parts supply

For every conveyor system, we provide recommendations for spare and wearing parts. These include all necessary components you should have in stock in order to be able to make your own quick changes.

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