FAB rotary devices are used to automatically change the direction of transport units at different angles to the entry position. In the standard setting, the transport unit is turned by 90°. For a change of a transport unit’s running direction, a change by 180° is also possible. The turning device can serve several incoming and outgoing conveyor lines like an intersection. The rotary motion is generated by a drive wheel pressed on by spring force. Depending on the type of transport unit, the rotary device is equipped with chain/roller/ belt or support profile conveyors.

FAB features

  • Low basic construction height
  • Stress-optimized frame construction
  • High-precision fit, low-maintenance rotary drive with friction wheel
  • Low drive power required for rotary drive
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Excellent running smoothness

Transport units

  • EURO pallets according to DIN
  • Industrial pallets according to DIN
  • CP 1–9
  • Mesh boxes according to DIN
  • Grids, trays, racks, boxes, baskets, etc.
  • Customized means of transport