In many companies there is still hidden potential for optimization in the loading and picking zone for the internal flow of goods. This is exactly where FAB’s automated truck loading and unloading system comes in, with which a whole truck load can be transported in one thrust from or into the truck. And in four minutes, tops.


Our automated loading/unloading system is usually based on 2 systems that are totally compatible with each other:

  • A conveyor inside the semi-trailer
  • A stationary system in the building’s loading zone

The system is also ideal for transferring goods in private haulage.

System solutions

The possible uses are varied. Customers from various industries benefit from the automation of their loading and picking zones, for example:

  • Automotive industry: Just in sequence delivery of components to the final assembly line
  • Furniture industry: Mixed transport of European and customer-specific pallets between plants

Truck loading and unloading equipment

Transport carpets

Roller-Chain conveyor

Chain conveyor

Roller conveyor

Specific load securing

Automatic system coupling