Optimization and automation of the transport of finished goods from 2 production buildings by factory truck to the high-bay warehouse

Material to be conveyed

EURO pallets according to DIN

  • Dimensions W × L: 800 × 1,200 mm
  • Weight: max. 1,100 kg

CP1/CP2 pallets

  • Dimensions W × L: ca. 1,000 × 1,200 mm
  • Weight: max. 1,250 kg

FAB components

  • Automated truck loading/unloading system, equipped with transport carpet
  • Stationary equipment with support profile conveyors
  • Automatic traversing carriage with right angle transfer deck
  • ASC (automatic system coupling) for automatic docking of the truck to the stationary equipment and starting the loading/unloading process
  • Plant control based on PLC S7