The FAB roller conveyor is used for the automatic conveying of transport units in single or bulk operation. It consists of rigid steel profiles in which the drive chain slides on fixed plastic strips. The drive chain tangentially drives each conveyor roller individually and thus ensures an even load on the conveyor rollers and drive pinions. The side profiles are at the same time lateral guides which can be replaced by flanged wheels on the conveyor roller when changing transport units. The drive unit can be mounted either under the conveyor or laterally beside the conveyor.

FAB features

  • Modular design
  • Low basic construction height
  • Roller drive with chain based on the omega principle, chain deflection with spring tensioner
  • Flexible design based on the material to be conveyed
  • Maintenance-friendly design

Transport units

  • EURO pallets according to DIN
  • Industrial pallets according to DIN
  • CP 1–9 −mesh boxes according to DIN
  • Grids, trays, racks, boxes, baskets, etc.
  • Customized means of transport